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Prostitution in the United Kingdom

Prostitution in the United Kingdom is a large market. Financial Times in 2009 wrote that calculations show that sex services were worth 5.3 billion pounds. This means that the activity of prostitutes generates as much as 5% of the country’s GDP. It really is a huge market.

Prostitution in London

It’s hard to find current data, while based on data from 2011, you can at least see how large the market of prostitutes in the GB area is. Then the number of women working in sex business in London was estimated at 10,000. What is extremely interesting is that over 80% of immigrant women. In 2011, it was reported that approximately 21 public houses can be found in every district.

Prostitution in Great Britain

So it looks like in London and how in the whole country? Well, in 2009, the authorities estimated that even 100,000 people could be involved in prostitution in the country, of which over 70,000 are sex workers (mostly women). Of which more than 40% are immigrant women. This is not much if we compare this statistic to London in which 4 out of five prostitutes are immigrants.

What is the Escort Agency?

London escort agency is a company that provides escorts for clients in the form of erotic services. Typically, meetings are organized in a hotel, a specially rented apartment or in a client’s apartment. In this case, we’re talking about outcall. You can also often come across incall services. Incall meetings take place when the meeting place is escort’s residence.

Escort agencies maintain that they send their hostesses to provide social services. Looking at the development of this type of services in the United Kingdom, it can be said that it lasts the best.

Most agencies have websites on which you can see hostesses and make an appointment

Popular places known as the red light district in the UK are, for example, Soho or Paddington in London.

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